About us

A typical day at the State Revenue Office (based on 365 days):

  • Daily revenue collected
  • Daily investigations conducted
  • Daily revenue found during investigations
  • Daily unclaimed money reunited with owners
  • Daily land tax assessments issued
  • Daily phone calls answered
  • Daily webpage views
  • Daily duty documents processed online
  • Daily private rulings
  • Daily objections/exemptions determined
  • Daily grants paid to first-home buyers

Working for Victoria

  • Revenue collected from taxes, duties and levies
  • Amount paid out, for example in relation to grants, rebates and unclaimed money

Our People

  • Total employees
  • New starter origins
  • WorkCover premiums
  • Total workforce including project staff
  • Gender breakdown
  • Average age of staff
  • Average length of service
  • Training delivered per full time staff member
  • Training delivered in staff performance plans
  • Staff survey results relating to public trust and customer satisfaction

First Home Owners

  • Increase in First Home Owner Grants over the past four years
  • Top 10 postcodes for First Home Owner Grant recipients - all of Victoria
  • Top 10 postcodes for First Home Owner Grant recipients - metropolitan
  • Top 10 postcodes for First Home Owner Grant recipients - regional
  • Value and number of First Home Owner Grants paid in 2017-18, 2016-17, 2015-16, 2014-15

Land Transfer Duty

  • Principal place of residence concessions 2017-18
  • First-home duty reduction for metropolitan and regional Victoria in the five years from 2013 to 2018

Supporting Employment

  • Back to Work Scheme claims paid, including reimbursement for accredited training

Unclaimed Money

  • Claims paid
  • Claims processed each day
  • Amount returned to rightful owners


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increase in web page views
  • Views of new decision trees
  • Private rulings/exemptions issued within 90 days
  • Total investigations conducted

Assisting Customers

  • Phone calls received and increase in phone calls from previous year
  • Customer education sessions
  • Decision tree views
  • Private rulings and exemptions issued within 90 days

Engaging Online

  • Website page views for five years from 2013 to 2018
  • Website visitor sessions
  • Subscriber emails
  • LinkedIn followers


  • Revenue assessed from investigations and number of investigations
  • Revenue assessed from investigations into:
    • First Home Owner Grant
    • Land Tax
    • Payroll Tax
    • Landholder
    • Land Rich
    • Leases
    • Duties
    • Other
  • Number of determinations made


  • Land Tax assessments issued
  • Land Tax amendments processed same day over the phone

Debt Strategy

  • Debt-to-revenue ratio two year comparison
  • Monthly average debt-to-revenue ratio two year comparison


  • Total revenue collected
  • Revenue collected over past five years
  • Average cost to collect $100 of revenue - comparison between State Revenue Office of Victoria and all other state and territory revenue offices

Financial Statements

  • Operating statement and notes
  • Balance sheet and notes
  • Administered items (revenues and expenses) and notes 

Revenue Highlights

  • Performance against forecast
  • Revenue break-up by percentage
  • Net Land Tax revenue
  • Net Payroll Tax revenue

Objections and Appeals

  • Objections
  • Appeals

Analysis of Debt

  • Analysis of debt and notes
  • Summary of written off debt

Freedom of Information

  • Overview of document access

Protected Disclosures

  • Overview of disclosures

Charter of Human Rights

  • Overview of Charter of Human Rights