Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 provides you with the right to access information in the possession of the State Government of Victoria, including the State Revenue Office.

Freedom of Information 2017-18

  State Revenue Office Land Tax Hardship Relief Board
Requests for access to documents
Requests received in 2017-18 105 0
Requests received in 2016-17 actioned in 2017-18 21 0
Initial access decision
Access granted in full 50 0
Access granted in part 39 0
Access denied in full 10 0
Withdrawn 16 0
No documents 7 0
Not proceeded with 1 0
Released outside the Act 0 0
Pending at 30 June 2018 3 0
Total 126 0
Application fees collected $2754.80 $0.00
Application fees waived $227.20 $0.00
Access charges collected $1168.60 $0.00
Access charges waived $0.00 $0.00
Victorian Freedom of Information Commissioner
Review sought 17 0
Deemed complaint 6 0
Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
Application for review lodged 4 0
Withdrawn 0 0
Settled prior to hearing 0 0
Original decision confirmed 0 0
Not yet finalised 4 0

Access to documents

To lodge a Freedom of Information (FOI) request for access to documents, a written request must be submitted detailing the documents sought, together with the relevant statutory application fee ($28.90 from 1 July 2018). The fee will be waived for applicants seeking personal information who provide a copy of their current valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card.

Freedom of Information

Requests for access to documents under the FOI Act must be made in writing and should be addressed, with the statutory application fee, to:

Information Officer
State Revenue Office
GPO Box 1641
Melbourne VIC 3001

General FOI information is available from the Victorian Government’s FOI Online website and the website of the Victorian Freedom of Information Commissioner.