Engaging Online

Our focus on digital transformation, which is making it easier for Victorians to engage with us, is being reflected in a significant growth in our website statistics.

The number of page views more than doubled this year to 49,327,629 views, a 112 per cent increase from 2016-17. Visitor sessions experienced a 45 per cent increase to reach 7,244,633 this year. While calls to our customer contact centre also grew, the graph below indicates that people are increasingly going online to find the information they want instead of calling us.

Supported by our digital strategy, we are streamlining customer processes, migrating services to digital channels, and building high-quality digital services.

On 1 July 2017, our new Digital Duties Form became mandatory, which also contributed to the increase in page views as did this year’s finalisation of our SmartForms project that involved replacing nearly 40 paper-based forms with digital forms.

Customers are also finding our online calculators, which assist them to quantify tax liabilities or the value of grants, concessions and exemptions relative to their circumstances, valuable. Our land transfer duty calculator featured in the top five most viewed web pages this year.

Aside from the wealth of information and tools on our website, we are engaging with our customers via a number of other digital channels including by:

  • Keeping over 80,000 news subscribers informed via 39 email bulletins.
  • Posting relevant updates on LinkedIn to over 1200 followers.

As we continue our program of digital transformation, we expect online engagement to continue to grow as our customers respond to being able to access our services on any device, anywhere and at any time.



Website page views
2017-18 we had 49,327,629 page views, in 2016-17 we had 23,260,411 page views, in 2015-16 we had 20,776,825 page views.
In 2014-15 we had 16,917,854 page views and in 2013-14 we had 15,560,787 page views