This section highlights how we are assisting our customers to understand and meet their obligations in relation to the taxes and duties we administer, as well as the grants, concessions and exemptions available to them.

A significant component of our responsibility to our customers, and all Victorians, is working closely with stakeholders including the Department of Treasury and Finance, and the Office of the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, to assist in developing the legislation we administer and ensuring the successful implementation of legislative amendments. Part of our role is developing practical solutions to complex policy problems.

Our philosophy is to obtain maximum voluntary compliance with the legislation we administer by providing comprehensive advice, education, assistance and information to help customers understand their obligations. This approach supports the premise that most of our customers will pay the right tax at the right time if they are aware of their obligations.

However, our expert investigative teams actively pursue those avoiding tax or falsely claiming grants, exemptions and concessions, with penalties and litigation resulting as appropriate.

Highlights of the year for 2017-18
96 per cent quality of service satisfaction from customers
112 per cent increase in web page views
86,939 views of new decision trees
94% of private rulings/exemption requests issued within 90 days
8877 investigations conducted