Following on from our successful work in 2016-17 to amalgamate 17 of the most common paper-based land transfer duties forms into a single vendor and purchaser Digital Duties Form, this year we completed our SmartForms project.

The project enabled us to merge some forms, improve the clarity of others, and retire those no longer needed.

Over a period of six months, we replaced more than 30 paper-based forms with online SmartForms, a format saving customers time and tailoring information to their needs.

In addition, validations were built into the SmartForms to assist customers to navigate them more effectively and provide all the information we require to process their transactions.

The streamlining of these forms has improved customer experience and ensures forms are completed and submitted correctly. Because they are completed online, the legibility of submitted forms is no longer an issue.

To help customers make the transition, we published a range of video tutorials and tips on navigating and submitting SmartForms.